Central Alberta Trout Unlimited Dinner/Auction

Central Alberta Trout Unlimited Dinner/Auction
Thursday April 25th, 2013

Friday, November 16, 2018

Great News About the Porter and Drake Properties on the Raven River

Dear partners and supporters,

We have some exciting news!  Earlier this month ACA staff conducted surveys to look for trout spawning activity within the roughly 4 km of the Raven River that flows through the recently purchased Porter and adjacent Drake conservation sites. Previous studies did not identify these areas as spawning locations so we were pleasantly surprised to find numerous trout redds (simple “nests” where female trout lay their eggs). See the attached file for a couple examples of what we found. Here is also a link to ACA’s Facebook page where we posted the terrific news for the public to see:https://www.facebook.com/AlbertaConservationAssociation/photos/a.435111282461/10156160768677462/?type=3&theater.

Evidence of trout spawning activity throughout this section of river is both exciting and it’s also encouraging to see we focussed our conservation efforts on important habitat worth protecting. We’re hopeful the careful management of these conservation sites will continue to be a success story for the Raven River and it’s beautiful trout inhabitants.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

More Restoration Work that is Part of the Piper Creek Restoration Project

Another step was taken today in the Restoration of Piper Creek just south of the Red Deer Landfill! This is the 4th work day that we have participated. Today we planted 100 Coyote Willows. The willows were a donation from the 2019 Canada Games Committee. Another great legacy left behind because of the 2019 Canada Games. The willows were planted by city staff, Central Alberta TU members and Red Deer College students.

More work will proceed tomorrow afternoon if anybody wants to get out and help! Thanks Sara from Rethink Red Deer for organizing the restoration work!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Our Central Alberta Chapter Dollars at Work

Piper Creek Restoration Project Continues

After the tremendous wind storm yesterday, it ironic that last night several of our gang from Central Alberta Trout Unlimited spent the evening planting willows and Saskatoon bushes along Piper Creek. This long term project has been coming along nicely thanks to a sizeable donation from RBC, leadership from Trout Unlimited Canada, City of Red Deer and volunteers from RBC, Central Alberta Chapter of TU Canada and volunteers from the community.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Bob Scammell Has Passed Away

...from the Red Deer Advocate

...from a blog post a few years ago!

The Central Alberta Chapter of Trout Unlimited has made an effort to recognize and honor members of our community that have made a significant contribution to our chapter over the years.

Last week we took the time to honor Bob Scammell. Bob has written an outdoor column that has been published in our main Alberta newspapers for over 45 years. Bob’s columns have earned him several outdoor writer awards from both Outdoor Writers of Canada and the Outdoor Writers Association of America. Bob has also received so many more writing awards. Bob was recently inducted into the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame.

Bob has served as president of the Alberta Fish and Game Association and was involved in the Canadian Wildlife Federation. Bob was one of the founding members of the Alberta Conservation Association and was a director from 1988 to 2002. Bob’s volunteering goes past his passion for the outdoors and right into the community of Red Deer. Bob volunteered with the Red Deer Regional Public Library for many years and the Legal Aid Society of Alberta.

The North Raven River restoration was part of the very first Bucks for Wildlife Project in Alberta. If you have been a regular follower of Bob’s column, you would have the opportunity to understand his passionate perspective on the importance of protecting public land.

It was a prividge for several members of our executive to sit and listen to Don Pike from Trout Unlimited Canada, noted authors and fly fishers: Jim McLennan and Neil Waugh to tell some fun stories that involved Bob over the years. Neil brought several books that Bob was either the author or was written about. One excerpt from John Geirach made me smile. John wrote a chapter in his book, Fool’s Paradise, about Bob’s book called the Phenological Fly. Neil enjoyed pointing out some of the thoughts that were written. It made for lots of laughter and raised eyebrows at the luncheon. Jim recalled many an adventure in his early years as a fly fisher with Bob. Bob was glad to add many anecdotes to the foray.

Don Pike presented Bob a certificate of Appreciation on behalf of Trout Unlimited Canada thanking him for his contributions for almost 5 decades to trout fishing. As Don Pike pointed out, Bob is a great friend of Trout Unlimited Canada. Bob has also made several contributions to our local chapter. His photography and books have always been included in our dinner auctions over the years.

Bob has lost lots of his mobility over the past several years because of a disease that has cause his leg muscles to atrophy. He still writes his weekly column in the Red Deer Advocate as well as other Alberta newspapers.