Central Alberta Trout Unlimited Dinner/Auction

Central Alberta Trout Unlimited Dinner/Auction
May 13th, 2020

Friday, March 12, 2021

Tying For Conservation- I need Your Support

Hi Everybody!

I am helping Trout Unlimited Canada with their Tying for Conservation fundraiser. For a small donation, you can join me on line as I tie several of my favourite on Wednesday March 31, 2021. Head right over here to make a donation and then join me at the vice.


Thursday, February 25, 2021

Trout Unlimited Canada's Tying for Conservation

Trout Unlimited Canada's Tying for Conservation Fundraiser is off to a great start! Just click on the link: RIGHT HERE!

You can watch some of the best fly tyers in Canada demonstrate some of their favourite flies for a small donation!

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Fly Tying for Conservation with Silvia D'Amelio-CEO of Trout Unlimited Canada

 Last evening was the start of Fly Tying for Conservation. A fundraising campaign for Trout Unlimited Canada. TUC (Trout Unlimited Canada) has not been able to run their regular fundraising initiatives. TUC is now asked several fly tyers to do a fly tying session on Zoom. For a small donation, you are able to watch the fly tying session and better yet, you just made a donation (tax receipt included) to help keep a very important part of our clean water initiatives going.

Several years ago, Silvia did a fly tying presentation for our club. Last night Silvia demonstrated how she ties one of her original flies, The Soggy Bog! Silvia showed us how to use split thread techniques to dub bodies, a very cool way to use wire to reinforce rabbit strips and how to stack deer hair! Several members of our club participated in the session. It was also an excellent way to connect with fly tyers across Canada.

Next week, Phil Rowley is doing a presentation on Zoom. I will be doing a presentation later in March that you will have the opportunity to watch on Zoom as well.

Here is the link to Tying for Conservation. I hope you will get behind this venture to help TUC carry on with their programming and leadership.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The Central Alberta Chapter of Trout Unlimited is having a dinner auction on May 14th. We need everybody's support. I have listed the projects below that we have worked on in the past and several are still in full swing! We need YOUR support to make our dinner auction a success. We hope you will consider purchasing a ticket and join us.

  1. Piper Creek restoration Project
  2. Tay River Restoration Project
  3. Beaver Management Program on Stauffer Creek (North Raven)
  4. Fencing along Stauffer Creek and the Raven River
  5. In stream structure on Stauffer Creek
  6. In stream structure on Clear Creek and fencing
  7. Creating current on Clear Creek
  8. Aerator purchase for Kerbes Pond 
  9. Donation to help purchase Porter Property on Raven River
  10. Purchase of library books for Red Deer Public Library and Red Deer College with respect to clean water and aquatic life
  11. Purchase and donation of books to all schools in Red Deer relating to fish, clean water
  12. Infrastructure work at Ironside Pond, Beaver Lake: including signage approaches to lake, boat launches
  13. Multiple projects on the North Ram River from signage to bug counts
  14. Bug counts on several streams in Central Alberta
  15. Fall Creek repair of quad damage
  16. Donation and volunteering for Red Deer River Annual clean up
  17. Naming and donation of plaque on Mitchell Pond (Heritage Ranch Pond)
  18. Projects in the Cadomin area